Elements Wellness Begins

Elements Wellness is now opened at Centrepoint. With this new outlet, there is a name switch to Elements Wellness; in line with our focus on treatments that centre on wellness. We have been in the ‘spa’ space since our beginning, and have grown together with our customers. We are now intentionally focusing on therapies that are rehabilitative or preventative wellness. The word “spa” brings to mind pampering, luxury, relaxation, while all that is good, there are now new dimensions to our services. Our roots in the spa industry combines well with preventive health to bring to customers treatments that are enjoyable and significantly improve their well-being. Time spent with us is time well spent.


At Centrepoint, there are private Onsen rooms made from handcrafted Koyamaki wood. The benefits of soaking in an Onsen are well-known, and it is a treatment that embodies pampering plus a huge dose of therapy that benefits your body from inside out -> our sort of recipe for wellness.


We would be unrolling more cutting edge treatments, do check back with us!


Do check us out at #02-28 Centrepoint, Tel: 6737 8488

Fun Facts of Japanese Onsens

1) There are more than 3000 onsens in Japan

The country’s widespread of onsens in Japan is due to the country’s prime location along the pacific ring of fire where plate tectonics and volcanic activities are most active.

Due to the healing powers of mineral rich spring water in managing rheumatism, hypertension, skin diseases and more, onsens have maintained its popularity for centuries.

2) The oldest onsen in Japan is at least 3000 years old

Housed in a wooden castle-like structure, the Dogo Onsen located on the island of Shikoku is one of the oldest in Japan. It has been used for about 3000 years and have been mentioned as a favourite hangout of commoners, emperors and even Gods.

3) Ancient hunters helped in the discovery of ancient onsens

Ancient hunters have uncovered some of the most beautiful and remote natural hot springs in Japan. While pursuing wounded animals, they were often led to hot springs as these animals knew about the healing abilities of onsens in easing their pain.

For this reason, animals who have led men to these divine waters have often been seen as messengers of Gods. As a tribute to these animals, many onsen buildings continue to have statues of brown bears and white herons.


Relax with Massage? It’s way more than that!

Do you know that in the first Olympic Games back in 776 BC, athletes were already receiving massage therapies before, in-between and after their games? Massage therapy then become an official medical service in the 1996 Olympics. Today, there are more 5,000 massages given to athletes at every Olympic Games.

For a global sporting event to recognize the health benefits of massage, no one should think by now that massage is only for relaxation. In fact, massage is more than just easing your aches and making you feel relaxed! It is an important therapeutic and preventive health service, more so for people who do Sports often.

What is that so?

Because Massage can Treat, Heal and Prevent
Massage uses friction, pressure and compression kneading to increase blood circulation and warm up the muscles for your daily stretch and pull. Massage calms down the nervous system and restores blood flow to relieve muscular tensions and soreness. This means that you can speed up recovery from muscle soreness and reduce risk of future injuries with consistent massage therapies. Massages also help to build up your body’s immunity system and improve overall well-being.

Health benefits of massages:

  • Relieves aches and pain from muscle tensions
  • Increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Improves flexibility and joint mobility
  • Helps to achieve peak performance
  • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate
  • Speeds up recovery from muscle soreness and injuries
  • Reduces risk of injuries
  • Builds up immunity and improves well-being

How can I judge if a massage is truly therapeutic?

Real Therapeutic Massage can Reduce Pain caused by Trigger Points
Trigger points are specific spots of highly contract muscle fibres that cause pain and stiffness somewhere else in the body. They often affect the functionality and performance of the muscle where they are located and can even spread pain to adjacent areas.

Trigger points are formed due to:

  • Physical or psychological stress
  • Lack of sufficient sleep
  • Environment and weather change
  • Illness and poor immunity
  • Poor or unhealthy diet
  • Unusual exercises

Massages that incorporate Trigger Point Therapy aim to reduce the referred pain caused by trigger points and restore the full functionality of the muscle where the trigger points are found. The trigger point massage technique utilizes a continuous cycle of direct pressure and release at trigger points to stretch the contracted muscle fibres and enable oxygen and nutrients to flow to that spot. This releases the tensed muscles knots to alleviate aching and prevent the trigger point from forming again.

Tip! Look for Trigger Point Therapy if you are feeling spots of pain at several areas.

Real Therapeutic Massage Targets at a Deeper Level
A good therapeutic massage uses the Deep Tissue technique to work through the body’s connective tissue and muscles layer by layer with greater pressure concentrated at the specific problem areas. This massage technique loosens the body layers in order to reach the deepest layers of fascia where the pain occurs to release adhesions and muscle contractures.

Deep tissue massage can effectively treat:

  • Fibromyalgia and muscle tensions
  • Chronic pain such as stiff necks, lower back aches and sore shoulders
  • Sports injuries
  • Poor posture
  • Osteoarthritis pain

Tip! Ask your therapist to employ the Deep Tissue technique for a more effective massage.

Next time, do not just think of massage when your body is aching, make massage your regular wellness activity. Olympics has shown how massage should be an integral part of your sporting routine.

What do Elements Wellness Group offer?

Deep Tissue Sports Massage
Our extensive experience in the massage industry has taught has to incorporate the best techniques that our clients and athletes love. Our Deep Tissue Sports Massage integrates both the Trigger Point Therapy and the Deep Tissue techniques as the core of the treatment. Thus, we are able to identify the exact pain location and intensity to provide an effective therapeutic massage session for you.

On top of that, our therapists are trained to customize the treatment and expertly treat your problem areas to provide relief from muscle aches. We perform real deep tissue massages that melt and loosen the body before accessing the deeper structures to treat muscle aches. We do not just press harder which can cause unnecessary pain and further tension.

What sugar does to your skin?

Don’t you just love sugar? I make it a point to have an ice cream or a cake every weekend. And oh my, I just can’t seem to resist these sugary pleasures. They are my “happy-fix” whenever I feel moody and they seem to work every single time! If you have the same kind of attachment to sugar, it’s time to read on!

We all know that sugar isn’t known to be a wellness food and that it can cause us to put on a few extra pounds. But hey, that’s not it. Sugar is often blamed for early onset of aging and wrinkles. Don’t be surprised.

This aging process is due to a process called glycation caused by sugar intake. Glycation causes the formation of Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) when sugar in the bloodstream combines with proteins in your body. These AGEs can cause domino-like damages to protein fibers found in the dermis of your skin. Overtime, your skin weakens as it loses its elasticity and strength. Collagen and elastin levels decrease and wrinkles begin to form.

Excessive amount of sugar can also affect the collagen type found in your skin and decrease your skin’s resistance towards wrinkle formation. Glycation would cause the prominence of weaker, more transient type I collagen to be found in your skin. This would cause your skin to appear less supple and radiant.

The good news is that you can slow down what glycation does to your skin!

Our spa offers a range of facial treatments to help you reactive your collagen production to keep skin young and supple.

1) Intense Pulsed Light Facial
IPL uses short blasts of high-intensity light to penetrate just below the skin’s surface, to break up age spots and stimulate the production of collagen. This helps to plump up the skin and gives you a fresher look as the skin is able to find renewed harmony.

  • Erases visible signs of aging
  • Reduces scars and pigmentation, and lightens freckles
  • Reduces pore size and refines your complexion
  • Combats acne

2) Biocell Stem Cell Meso Therapy
Stem Cell Meso is the perfect skin rejuvenation system that uses your skin’s own natural abilities to regenerate fast with no side effects. Stem cells function as an essential skin regenerator that creates new cells as old ones wear out. As we age, the amount of stem cells diminishes and our skin renewal process slows down. Hence, it is necessary to stimulate our skin’s natural healing abilities in order to maintain our youth.
Stem Cell Meso contains bioactive compounds and plant raphides: microscopic uniformed needle-like spicules, specifically designed to create controlled microscopic injuries with no external wounds, to provoke blood circulation and enhanced natural healing. As the upper layer of the skin gently sheds, it enhances your skin’s absorption of the rich natural active ingredients to stimulate new cell growth for smoother, clearer and fresher skin, taking years away from your face.

3) LPG Facial
Developed as a result of intensive research and innovation of more than 20 years, the LPG MobiliftTM is like no other treatments.

The patented technology provides multi-dimensional stimulation on the skin’s surface for a focused workout that stimulates cellular function and rejuvenation for the skin. Expect natural and lasting results with repeated treatments.

For younger, suppler skin, call us now to fix an appointment.