Elements Wellness Begins

Elements Wellness is now opened at Centrepoint. With this new outlet, there is a name switch to Elements Wellness; in line with our focus on treatments that centre on wellness. We have been in the ‘spa’ space since our beginning, and have grown together with our customers. We are now intentionally focusing on therapies that are rehabilitative or preventative wellness. The word “spa” brings to mind pampering, luxury, relaxation, while all that is good, there are now new dimensions to our services. Our roots in the spa industry combines well with preventive health to bring to customers treatments that are enjoyable and significantly improve their well-being. Time spent with us is time well spent.


At Centrepoint, there are private Onsen rooms made from handcrafted Koyamaki wood. The benefits of soaking in an Onsen are well-known, and it is a treatment that embodies pampering plus a huge dose of therapy that benefits your body from inside out -> our sort of recipe for wellness.


We would be unrolling more cutting edge treatments, do check back with us!


Do check us out at #02-28 Centrepoint, Tel: 6737 8488