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At Elements Wellness, we have an extensive range of facial spa treatments as we understand that each customer’s skin is unique, and requires different sort of care. We do know that at the end of it all, you just want beautiful, healthy skin that shows your best. Although the treatments may seem a tad too many, rest assured that there would be one that suits you.

Wrinkle Firming

Purifying Refining

Hydration Radiance

Even Skin Tone

Calming Desensitize

This facial uses an exclusive “kneading” technique for cleansing and the facial massage to promote microcirculation that brings fresh nutrients to the skin. The face is then enveloped with the Foam Mask that creates a soft warm "cocoon-effect" that promotes the penetration of active ingredients and treatment masks. Promotes hydration, firmness, regeneration and radiance.

Duration: 90-min

This indulgent facial envelops your skin with a comfortable soft cocoon mask that promotes the penetration of active ingredients. Using the exclusive “kneading” technique to encourage microcirculation to nourish skin and further enhance absorption of active ingredients. The anti-aging effect is further enhanced as it also pampers the eyes and neck areas, which often have tell tale signs of aging. Promotes healthy, resilient skin and a youthful appearance.

Duration: 90-min

This luxurious ultra hydrating and firming facial combines a proprietary massage system with deep action thermal mineral mask that optimizes the infusion of active ingredients to lift, hydrate and de-stress the skin for exceptional results that last. The mask “re-shapes” the face to give the petite, youthful contours.

Duration: 90-min

A luxurious offering that using concentrated essence formulated with the most precious and premium ingredients for ravishing results in all skin types. Les essence is artfully massaged into skin using a proprietary system that lifts and nourishes your skin. This facial is suitable for all seasons.

Duration: 75-min

Stem Cell Meso contains bioactive compounds that reaches the deeper skin layers to accelerate skin’s natural re-birth to reveal new skin that is visibly clearer, firmer and younger in just a few days. Experience phenomenal results with this facial.

Duration: 75-min