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Pain Management


Relief • Recover • Rehab

Proionic technology to go further in pain relief and recovery

R-System is a comprehensive approach for managing everyday physical discomforts to rehabilitation of chronic pain from injuries or illnesses. It uses a patented specific frequency of 448 kHz that is perfect for activating the Proionic effect in cells that is necessary for regeneration. The client feels a soothing deep warmth during the treatment and pain relief is felt from the very first session. This technology is able to reach deep to focus on more resistant tissues such as joints, ligaments and tendons to repair while easing pain.

Ionic exchange cycles are crucial for healthy cells to build a healthy body. Proionic technology uses alternating currents to increase ionic exchange between cells for repair to create physical and biological improvements. The technology is supported by multiple medical studies and is widely used by top athletes like Rafael Nadal, The Barcelona Football Club and the French Tennis Federation. The R-System uses a unique hands-on methodology to channel energy to target areas. The combination of advanced technology and skilled human touch is the key to this effective and pleasant pain management treatment.


Programs for various levels of pain and discomfort

1) The Relief Program

A hectic lifestyle and daily stress can cause a tensed body and discomforts that are unpleasant and prevent you from performing your best. The Relief Program breaks the cycles of discomfort that pain can cause to improve your energy and

Improves sluggish lymphatic system and provides a general release of tension: e.g. stiff neck, stiff shoulders.

3) The Recover Program

Sometimes you push your body past the limit and aches and sores occur. The Recover Program focuses on healing those microscopic tears in the connective tissues to improve range of motion and restore tissues.

Conditions suitable for The Recover Program:

• Post exercise soreness

• Back aches

• Neck aches

• Calves soreness

3) The Rehab Program

The Rehab Program focuses on managing pain and treating injuries. A suitable treatment plan will be prescribed to focus on pain relief while accelerating cellular recovery for faster healing.

Conditions suitable for The Rehab Program:

• Cervical spondylosis

• Osteoarthritis

• Arthritis

• Prolapsed intervertebral disc

• Rotator cuff injury

• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

• Lateral epicondylitis

• Sports injuries


The R-System partners well with our manual massage protocols that incorporate therapy in relaxation. anual therapy is a prime method in reducing pain and movement restrictions.


Active Cell Therapy

This system is based on the specific 448kHz frequency to restore cell electrical activity to enable the correct functionality of the cells for healing.

3 Effects for Multiple Benefits

1) Cellular Biostimulation

Creates the Proionic effect that increases cells’ absorption potential and metabolism for effective tissue regeneration.

2) Microcirculation

Increases microcirculation to optimize tissue recovery by supplying oxygen and nutrients, through the body’s natural blood supply.

3) Hyperthermia

Increases temperature to accelerate cellular metabolism to start restructuring of tissues while preventing scarring. It is effective even in long-term fibrosis (tissue scarring) from previous injuries or arthritis.