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Harmony Body Massage

Melt away with your choice of body massage. Relieve stress and muscle knots, improve healing and general well-being. Our popular massages include choice of Swedish, Deep Tissue or TCM Tui Na Massage.

$68 ($72.76 w/ GST)

(60-min, U.P. $128.40)

Sports Massage

Feel the sore from exercise? Nourish your muscles with a Deep Tissue Massage. It regulates the pores in muscle tissues to increase blood and nutrients flowing through, thus bringing more oxygen and nutrients to muscles, and removing waste products.

$68 ($72.76 w/ GST)

(60-min, U.P. $128.40)

Classic Facial

A face cleansing session with professional exfoliation and light massage. Promotes circulation and removes dead skin cells for improved cell turnover. Professional cleansing helps to make your homecare regime more effective as products can be better absorbed. Promotes a clear, well-hydrated complexion. Suitable for all skin types and even sensitive skin.

$68 ($72.76 w/GST)

(60-min, U.P. $139.10)

Signature Koyamaki Onsen Ritual

Relax and unwind with a truly unforgettable royalty onsen spa retreat. Includes: Ocha Body Massage (60-min), Back Scrub (15-min), Koyamaki Onsen Therapy in Private Suite with Steambath (40-min) and Foot Detox Therapy in VIP lounge (10-min). Couple spa option available.

**Only available at Centrepoint outlet.

$138 ($147.66 w/GST, 1-pax)

$256 ($273.92 w/GST, 2-pax)

(125-min, U.P. $297.46 - $543.56)

Couple Jacuzzi Spa Retreat

Includes Full Body Massage (60min) + Muscat Rose & Green Tea Foambath Private Jacuzzi (40min)

**Only available at 313@somerset outlet.

$158 ($169.06 w/GST, 2-pax)

(100-min, U.P. $385.20)


Hyperwave™ Bioelectric Therapy

Transmitting bioelectricity into your body with our hands. The human body is electric, increasing bioelectricity in your body increases ATP (energy) in your cells for higher performance. High performing cells = A healthier body.

$65 ($69.55 w/ GST)

(30-min, U.P. $150)

TCM Qi Meridian Therapy

Unblock meridian points and restore balance. This treatment uses a scientific analyzer to measure your meridian health and formulate a suitable treatment to strengthen, unblock or warm stagnant meridians. This therapy includes acupressure massage therapy, scraping and Jing Qi Shen 5 Elements Herbal Essential Oils.

$98 ($104.86 w/ GST)

(60-min, U.P. $385.20)

TCM Wu Xing Massage

A TCM inspired massage using Systematic Passive Stretching (SPS): a targeted passive stretching sequence done by a trained therapist who does the stretching for the client without the client exerting any effort. Stretching realigns any disorganized muscle fibers in the direction of the stretch so as to rehabilitate scarred tissue back to health and to improve muscle tone, range of motion and energy flow.

$98 ($104.86 w/ GST)

(60-min, U.P. $256.80)

Treatment Facial

This facial fixes skin problems that are bothering you. Powered by advanced technology to restore and fix skin elasticity and brilliance. Reverses the effect of time and gravity by intense treatment of skin with various modes of machines to renovate skin and infuse nutrients for skin cell health. Also able to manage scars and hyperpigmentation to restore smooth healthy looking skin. Includes premium eye and neck therapy to instantly give a youthful look.

$108 ($115.56 w/ GST)

(90-min, U.P. $342.40)

Ultrasound Cavitation/ Tripolar RF/ Vacuum Dermology

The 3D Lipo Med offers a powerful new dimension for effective fat reduction, skin tightening and cellulite reduction. All treatments are non-invasive and you can expect amazing results without the need to exercise. Choose one mode for first trial.

$68 ($72.76 w/ GST)

(20 to 30-min, U.P. $374.50 - $481.50)

Fat Freeze

The advanced 3D Lipo Med Cryolipolysis utilize your body’s natural mechanism to physically destroy fat cells by 20% to 40% through a targeted super-cooling process. Over several weeks, your body will flush out these fat cells naturally to achieve your desired results.

$68 ($72.76 w/ GST)

(40-min, U.P. $736.16)

Terms and Conditions: Valid for customers aged 23 years and above, Singaporeans, PR, EP and SP holders who have not visited Elements Wellness in the last 18 months. Please present valid identification card to enjoy the promotion.