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Relax, re-align and rejuvenate. We have done over a million massages and know where you need it most. Our experienced therapists work on your problem areas such as neck, shoulders and lower back to give you optimal relief so that you can give your best everyday. The Elements Wellness massage protocol covers relaxation massages to deep tissue work. Choose your preferred massage.


Reverse the signs of aging and environmental damage with our facials. We pair traditional wisdom and advanced technology to bring you real results. Expert hands, premium ingredients and cutting edge technology work synergistically to solve problems and reveal your natural beauty.

Remedial Pain Management

R-System is a comprehensive approach for managing everyday physical discomforts to rehabilitation of chronic pain from injuries or illnesses. it uses a patented specific frequency of 448kHz that is perfect for activating the Proionic effect in cells that is necessary for regeneration.

Slim & Tone Treatments

Proven technology like Radiofrequency and medical grade technology like 3D Lipo Med offer effective solutions for fat removal, inch loss, skin tightening and cellulite reduction. Personalize your slimming program to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Wellness

Improve your health with proven healing techniques derived from ancient Chinese medicinal wisdom. Our TCM therapies identity energy deficiencies to customize treatments to re-balance, detoxify and enhance the body’s own natural healing mechanism.

Onsen Therapy

Experience the time honored Japanese bath ritual in a handcrafted Koyamaki wood tub that has been prized by Japanese royalties for centuries. Our Onsen is fed with energized ion water that improves detoxification and helps move nutrients to other parts of the body. Give your circulation a great boost by alternating between the hot Onsen, Crystal Cold Shower and detoxifying Steam Bath. Greater detoxification, circulation and pain relief.


Pain is something we may experience at some point in life, it is our body’s natural way of signalling to us that certain parts are needing special attention. However, chronic pain that lasts for months is stressful, tiring and can effect our quality of life. Our Doctor of Chiropractic specialises in relieving pain arising from spinal misalignments, with focus on therapeutic rehab and functional medicine.