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TCM Clinic

About our TCM Physician

Our TCM Physician Chew Yik Wai has more than 19 years of experience and is registered with the TCM Practitioners Board of Singapore.

How our TCM services can benefit you?

At Elements Wellness, we modernize traditional TCM to meet your health goals.

Not only do we apply traditional TCM principles and techniques to provide long term effective results for you, we provide a holistic and relaxing ambience for you to heal from inside out.

Our experienced TCM Physician Chew Yik Wai will review your health concerns, do accurate mappings of your health profile and advise on the most suitable treatments. With his expert advice, you can focus on specific areas during your beauty and massage sessions for more effective therapy and relief.

TCM pays attention to how your body parts work in relation to each other; it seeks to create balance within your body.

The wonderful thing about Traditional Chinese Medicine is that it is treatment for prevention. Rather than wait for diseases to be diagnosed, TCM seeks to take care of our bodies on all levels to stay as healthy as possible. The Chinese call this “yang sheng”, meaning nurturing life. You can take a safe proactive approach to managing your own health.

TCM also help to improve your skin conditions, as your skin is often a reflection of your health. By treating the root cause of these skin problems, TCM helps to restore the balance to your body to help you achieve long term results.

Services available:

  • Pain Management 舒缓疼痛
  • Face Lift / Rejuvenation Acupuncture 针灸美容
  • Slimming 针灸瘦身
  • Anti Hair Loss 防止脱发
  • Orthopaedics & Traumatology 筋伤骨伤
  • Sports Injury 运动损伤
  • General Health 中医养生
  • Herbal Remedies 草药配方