What is Hyperwave™ Bioelectric Therapy?

A brand new therapy is developed by national athletes to treat your muscles at the cellular level. Certified therapists send bioelectricity into your body with their hands. Feel deep aches and pains release as the bioelectric currents energize cells to regenerate.

Bioelectricity helps balance your nervous system, open your meridians, for energy to flow freely through your cells to bring about healing and rejuvenation.


• Balancing the nervous system for improved nerve function

• Increases alpha brainwaves and endorphins to reduce stress

• Reduces pain; great for muscle strains

• Activates the body’s biological currents to improve blood circulation

• Releases tense muscle knots, improve muscle strength

• Improved basal metabolism; reduces body fat and prevents the body from relapsing

• Improves immune system

• Detoxifies; internal cleansing

• Boosts skin collagen and firms skin

What is Bioelectricity & Why is it important?

Bioelectricity is the natural electrical charge in our bodies, it is the basis of life.

​The human body is electrical, your heart is driven by low levels of electricity and every single cell contains a low level of electrical charge. Our cells are specialized to conduct electrical currents for all functions including recovery and regeneration.

​This bioelectricity helps activate and balance your nervous system. A balanced nervous system stabilizes and regulates the healthy function of organs such as the heart, stomach and intestines.

​In TCM, bioelectricity is known to open your meridians, for energy or Qi to flow freely through your cells.

Bioelectricity & ATP

Your cells use external sources of energy (like food, light, microcurrent) to create its own form of power, known as ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP provides energy for your cells to produce the electrical charge that sustains life. You could consider the body’s ability to remain youthful completely dependent on the level of ATP available to sustain healthy cell functions effectively. Some scientists consider the process of aging as a ATP deficit, that is, the amount of ATP available is not enough for the cells to maintain peak performance.

Bioelectricity can increase ATP production

Studies have shown that microcurrent with specific frequencies can increase ATP production, which then provides cells with the energy required to regenerate and keep cells healthy.

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