Tui-Na Massage

A form of TCM massage therapy that stimulates energy flow in the meridians to restore the body.

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Swedish Massage

A relaxing body massage that improves your circulation and promotes relaxation through soothing your muscles.

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Sports Massage

Uses a series of massage methods like effleurage, kneading, and trigger point to relieve strained areas.

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a form of gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body.

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Elements Ginseng Meridian Therapy

Combines TCM’s concept of acupoints and Western Medicine’s knowledge of muscular structure for relief and to encourage self-healing.

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Synergy Massage

Step up the luxurious factor in your massage wtih Synergy Oil Blends. Crafted with premium botanical oils and designed to give therapy.

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Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage relieves many of the discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and edema (or swelling).

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Mary J Avatar Mary J

The service is very good. I was a bit unwell after the onsen (went with empty stomach) and the staff knew immediately what to do and I was well shortly.... Read more

Xiuqi Zeng Avatar Xiuqi Zeng

Interesting and relaxing experience

Aloysius Lim Avatar Aloysius Lim

Really love the ambiance of this spa! The scents and its music really soothes and relaxes you before they even start the massaging service! My mom and I have been... Read more

anonymous unicorn Avatar anonymous unicorn

Very comfortable massage and onsen. Highly recommended!

Rayan Pung Avatar Rayan Pung

My friend and I just recently signed up again for a new facial/body massage package with Elements Wellness. Overall, we were pleased and enjoyed both their facial and body massage... Read more

Marilou Sistoso Avatar Marilou Sistoso

Opted for couple koyamaki onsen package. Great message and service. Facility is well maintained and clean

Tuck yih Tan Avatar Tuck yih Tan

Great results! I consulted Miss Li Yun for my stressed out facial skin and got a very skilled Gua Sha session including applied vitalizing products

S.Mil. Avatar S.Mil.


Steven Schön Avatar Steven Schön

Massage Services in Singapore

At Elements Wellness, you can escape the hectic pace of life and immerse yourself in a complete relaxation experience for your mind, body, and soul. Our wellness centres offer a wide array of rejuvenating and therapeutic body massages, each thoughtfully designed to bring harmony to every part of your body and offer a luxurious and soulful retreat.

Started by two massage enthusiasts, who were seeking a good massage in Singapore to relieve their bodies from muscle tension and sore muscles. However good quality massages were scarce back then. This inspired them to create a team and start their own massage sanctuary. To sharpen their craft, the team dived into the intricacies of good therapy, built unique protocols and collaborated with their internal team of passionate individuals to establish the massage sanctuary from ground up.

Elements Wellness emerged with a clear purpose of making wellness treatments and beauty therapies accessible to everyone. Within our wellness centres, we offer a comprehensive range of treatments that can be customized to the specific needs of our clients. Whether you seek general relaxation or have specific requirements such as pain management, detoxification, joint mobility, detoxification, headaches, etc., our comprehensive range of services has something for everyone. Our commitment lies in providing a space where everyone can experience the benefits of our wellness and beauty offerings.

What are the benefits of having regular massages?

Massages have been recognised as an integral part of medicinal works in society today. It is the therapeutic practice of manipulation of the body’s soft tissues, such as muscles, skin, tendons, and ligaments, using various techniques like rubbing, kneading, and pressing, to relieve tension and ease pain.

Studies have discovered other benefits of massage such as reduced stress, chronic pain management, increased relaxation, improved immunity systems and lesser muscle and joint pain. Due to the outstanding results from massages, and the versatility of this natural therapy, body massage treatments has been practised over time and applied to different parts of the body from the face to arms, legs and even muscles and joints. This has led to the development of a range of massage types, which will be covered later.

At Elements Wellness, our affordable massage services are performed by trained therapists, with the goal of promoting relaxation, relieving muscle tension, reducing stress, and to enhance overall well-being.

How often massages are needed

While there are no standard guidelines or definite number for the number of massage sessions to get, it is often dependent on the type of massage, spa treatment and specific needs an individual have. However, as massages are often associated with relaxation and pampering sessions, they should occur less than massages treating injuries or medical conditions.

However, it is best to always consult a doctor or massage therapist before the massage session to determine the best frequency and duration for your body and your ability to handle the pressure.

What are the Types of Massages Offered

At Elements Wellness, we offer a myriad of massages, catered to suit different needs and address different health conditions. Below is a quick guide on the types of massages and their benefits.

Tui Na Massage

Tui Na massage, which means “to push”, is a technique using the hands and fingers applied to pressure points — a concept similar to acupuncture, but without the use of needles — and massage acupoints and meridian channels to release any trapped energy in the body and at the same time, help to stimulate the flow of “Qi” (energy).

As Tui Na uses the principle of healthy flowing “QI”, the therapist kneads, rolls, presses, and rubs acupoints to remove blockages, release tension, soreness, aches and pains to improve better circulation of blood and energy. Tui Na is good for individuals looking to release tight muscles and ligaments. Otherwise, it is a great massage choice to generally improve the body’s “Qi” or energy for better health.

Swedish Massage

As one of the most common and well-known types of massage, Swedish massage is often used for relaxation and relieving any muscle aches. Using long gliding strokes along the body, especially on the back, this technique helps individuals to relax and ease their muscles in a comfortable way.

Swedish massage is also a suitable choice for a good pampering session or a lightweight massage option as light to moderate pressure is used during the session, yet, it improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and stimulates nerve endings, overall increasing the well-being and health of individuals.

Sports Massage

For sports enthusiasts, a good way to relieve strained muscles would be through a sports massage. This technique helps to target the sore areas of your body through repetitive movements and pressure applied consistently to the body. It reduces muscle tension, joint tightness or stiffness, along with increased blood circulation that is linked directly to the healing of any body injuries. When our body is eased, it can easily heal injuries quickly.

Apart from sports enthusiasts, individuals who may be suffering from improper sleep due to their jobs or lifestyles may also opt for a sports massage. Targeting the cramped and strained muscles, sports massage can help to relieve stress, increase immunity and improve the quality of sleep.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

When the body’s lymphatic system is congested, it will lead to higher water retention which results in symptoms such as bloatedness and constipation. On an emotional level, it may also lead to sluggishness and increased headaches. To mitigate this, a lymphatic drainage massage can help to stimulate the movement of lymph fluids to help them naturally pass out of the body.

As a form of gentle massage, this technique aids the body to better naturally move and drain the fluids, in turn, removing any unwanted waste and toxins from our body. For some, lymphatic drainage massage can help with weight loss, while in general, this massage can alleviate conditions such as sinus and acne, as well as improve skin radiance and elasticity.

Elements Ginseng Meridian Therapy

Using specially shaped water buffalo horns, the Elements Ginseng Meridian Therapy, also known as EGMT for short, targets certain points in our body and penetrates deep into the muscle layers to relieve tight muscles. At the same time, the EGMT technique utilised the knowledge of meridian pathways to release “knots” or blockages in the body within the body’s muscular structure.

In addition, the EGMT method targets acupoints to unblock meridian channels, which sees many benefits such as lesser muscle or joint stiffness, greater energy flow, anti-ageing benefits and relief to tight tendons and ligaments.

Synergy Massage

While hand and bodily movements are used in massages, essential oils are also an alternative form of massage, or can also be used alongside other types of massages. Using essential oils extracted from plants (4 types of powerful botanical oil blends), a synergy massage helps to enhance the well-being and health of individuals as the oils stimulate different areas of the body such as hormones, lymphatic detox and provide muscle relief.

Several health benefits can be seen from this technique such as better pain management, improved moods and overall higher quality of life and ability to relax.

Prenatal Massage

For mothers who pass the 4th month of their pregnancy, a great way to relieve both mental and physical stress is through a prenatal massage. Designed specifically and adapted to each and every mother’s bodily changes, this massage helps to reduce stress hormones and relax the body’s muscles.

With this technique, mothers can expect lesser pain in their joints, and better blood flow and lymph circulation. Prenatal massage can also help to reduce the body’s swelling as water retention is improved due to better blood circulation as well. In terms of emotional benefits, mothers can help to relieve themselves of stress, depression or anxiety caused by hormonal changes.

Taking Care of the Mind and Soul

Opting for different type of massages are a great choice to relieve the body. But for a more comprehensive experience, the Elements Wellness also introduce other services that are directed simply towards beauty, relaxation and self-pampering.

Face, Slimming and Therapy

Besides body massage, we don’t shy away from other treatments that may help us improve our self-confidence and enhance beauty. An inclusive range of treatments is available for other areas of the body. For instance, facials including eye care, skin brightening, face shaping and facial treatments are available; while slimming treatments for tummy trimming and fat freezing are also available options as well.

Other forms of therapy will also include stretching, pain management, womb care, chiropractic and more.

Onsen Therapy

For a more unique type of therapy, the Elements Wellness offer an exclusive Koyamaki Onsen retreat. Located at Elements Wellness Centrepoint, the therapy experience is nestled in a private room to provide you with a Japanese bath ritual.

Indulge in a handcrafted Koyamaki wood tub filled with energised ion water to treat yourself to a sacred beauty therapy. The Onsen experience is completed with real Hinoki wood bath accessories, an autumn Japanese garden backdrop and aromatic scents to keep you calm and relaxed throughout the session.

Private Jacuzzi Therapy

You may also prefer to venture into a private jacuzzi experience. With Jacuzzi @ 313, it uses the power of hydrotherapy to relax your muscles or any tense tissues with powerful jet streams of water. This perfect spa therapy is also curated in a private room to provide you with the utmost comfort and relaxing time alone.

Locate us

Whether you’re looking to ease physical pains, or improve your health mentally and emotionally, experiment with massages and the different types of techniques to find the one that is best suited for you and your needs. We also offer facial treatments tailored specially for your unique skin needs.

The Elements Wellness is available in three stores around the country — ION Orchard, The Centrepoint and 313@Somerset. Speak to our massage therapists if you’re wanting to solve any health issues or conditions, or contact us to inquire more about our services.