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woman getting a body massage

Swedish Massage 60-MIN

Relaxing, therapeutic technique with long strokes and kneading to relieve tension and promote relaxation.

Guest S$78.00 | S$85.02 w/GST


Sports Massage 60-MIN

Works on releasing tight tendons, ligaments, and muscles to get the energy moving in the meridians and the muscles.

Guest S$88.00 | S$95.92 w/GST


Deep Tissue Massage 60-MIN

Uses Systematic Passive Stretching sequence performed by a trained therapist. Also works on tendons and ligaments for improved energy. 

Guest S$88.00 | S$95.92 w/GST


Tuina Massage 60-MIN

Improves “Qi” flow in the meridian system to balance your body. Work along energy channels with TCM herbal oils and moxibustion/guasha. Includes 5 Elements TCM herbal oils.

Guest S$88.00 | S$95.92 w/GST

Aromatherapy Massage 60-MIN

Moves lymph flow for detoxification. 

Guest S$105.00 | S$114.45 w/GST

POWER BOOSTERS (ADD-ONs to body massage)


guasha meridian therapy

Muscle Blade 15-MIN

Guest S$45.00 | S$49.05 w/GST

Herbal Volcanic Mud 15-MIN

Guest S$45.00 | S$49.05 w/GST

Infra Ray Energy 15-MIN

Guest S$45.00 | S$49.05 w/GST

Catabolic Tummy Therapy 15-MIN

Guest S$45.00 | S$49.05 w/GST

Gua Sha 15-MIN

Guest S$45.00 | S$49.05 w/GST

Cupping 15-MIN

Guest S$45.00 | S$49.05 w/GST


THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE - Holistic healing


Beautician Stretching Arm Of Female During Body Massage full image

Thermic Massage 60-MIN

Relaxing, therapeutic technique with long strokes and kneading to relieve tension and promote relaxation.

Guest S$118.00 | S$128.62 w/GST

Detox Lymphatic Massage 60-MIN

Stimulates the lymphatic system, aiding toxin removal and reducing swelling. Using gentle strokes, it promotes relaxation and supports immune function.

Guest S$118.00 | S$128.62 w/GST

PMS Massage 60-MIN

Target discomforts like bloating, muscle tension and cramps to provide relief before menstruation.

Guest S$118.00 | S$128.62 w/GST

Pre/Post Natal Massage 60-MIN

Relieves pre and post pregnancy discomforts. 

Guest S$118.00 | S$128.62 w/GST

Medi Stretch 30-MIN

Assisted stretch therapy, done by a certified therapist using the Dynamic Corrective Stretch Method. Helps to stretch muscles that cannot be effectively self-stretched.

Guest S$95.00 | S$103.55 w/GST

Hyperwave Energy + Therapy 30-MIN

Performed by certified therapists to improve bioelectric currents in body, thereby energizing cells and nerve function for pain management, recovery and revitalization.

Guest S$95.00 | S$103.55 w/GST

INDIBA® Pain Management 30-MIN

INDIBA® is effective in treating injuries and wounds that do not respond to other treatments. INDIBA® therapy brings down inflammation, stimulates the formation of new blood vessels, and stimulates the production of collagen to improve the elasticity of damaged tissues. The combination of advanced technology and skilled human touch is the key to this effective and pleasant pain management treatment.

Guest S$198.00 | S$215.82 w/GST


TCM Wellness Series - Harmony of Qi


postnatal massage


Uses ‘gua-sha’ and ‘bojin’ techniques to release tightened fascia in the scalp and neck area to lessen tension and headache.

Guest S$95.00 | S$103.55 w/GST

Meridian Flush 30-MIN

Advanced manual therapy that focuses on neck, shoulder, back, and legs. Treats pain, sluggishness, feeling of heaviness through the whole body.

Guest S$95.00 | S$103.55 w/GST

Wu Xing Massage 30-MIN

A TCM inspired massage using Systematic Passive Stretching (SPS): a targeted passive stretching sequence done by a trained therapist who does the stretching for the client without the client exerting any effort.

Guest S$95.00 | S$103.55 w/GST

Ginseng Meridian Therapy 30-MIN

Using the bo-jin technique to reach deep layers of muscles. Focuses on meridian channels to release tightness and activate healing. Ginseng compliments by improving energy and relaxation.

Guest S$108.00 | S$117.72 w/GST


Balancing and harmonising the body’s vital energy (Qi) through specific massage techniques along meridian pathways.

Guest S$108.00 | S$117.72 w/GST

Moxibustion 60-MIN

Burning dried mugwort (moxa) near or on specific acupuncture points to stimulate circulation, alleviate pain, and promote healing by warming and invigorating the body’s Qi (vital energy).

Guest SS$238.00 | S$259.42 w/GST




picture of woman slimming with measuring tape

INDIBA® Proionic Slimming Treatment 30-MIN

INDIBA® achieves fat reduction and body contouring through breaking up fat cells, speeding metabolism and draining toxins from your body and also improves skin elasticity by stimulating collagen. With the added benefit of preventing new formation of fat in the treated areas.

Guest SS$198.00 | S$215.82 w/GST

3D Cryolipolysis 30-MIN

Freeze and dissolve 20 – 40% of fat cells over several weeks.

Guest SS$158.00 | S$172.82 w/GST

3D Lipo (RF/Ultrasound/Vacuum) 30-MIN

Multi-polar RF technology for fat reduction and skin tightening, ultrasound transducers targeting cellulite and deep fat, and vacuum skin rolling for cellulite reduction.

Guest SS$118.00 | S$128.62 w/GST

TCM Slimming Therapy 30-MIN

Reach deeper layers through mechanical Flushing to unblock meridian channels, clear toxins and remove body dampness that causes water retention and cellulite.

Guest SS$118.00 | S$128.62 w/GST

TCM Tummy Trim 45-MIN

Fires up your metabolism for fast, natural, and long-lasting slimming. Cupping stimulates acupoints and provides the circulatory system with energy to metabolize fats

Guest SS$118.00 | S$128.62 w/GST

Female Care

image of spa cream in a bowl with flowers
image of spa cream in a bowl with flowers

INDIBA® Bustcare 30-MIN

INDIBA® increases circulation and cell recovery in the womb area t maintain balance, It also firms up the tummy are and reduces fat at the same time.

Guest SS$198.00 | S$215.82 w/GST

INDIBA® Wombcare 30-MIN

INDIBA® increases circulation and cell recovery in the womb area to maintain balance, It also firms up the tummy are and reduces fat at the same time.

Guest SS$198.00 | S$215.82 w/GST

INDIBA®Plus+ Therapy 30-MIN

INDIBA® increases circulation and cell recovery in the womb area to maintain balance, It also firms up the tummy are and reduces fat at the same time.

Guest SS$228.00 | S$248.52 w/GST

TCM Meridian Bust Massage 45-MIN

Massage to clear meridians at bust area to stimulate tissues for elasticity and firming.  Improves circulation and natural flow of hormones.

Guest SS$118.00 | S$128.62 w/GST

MLD Bust Therapy 60-MIN

Bust massage with GuaSha for lymphatic drainage to aid detoxification and natural flow of hormones. Bust Uplifting Cream and Mask help firm, lift and create a shapely contour.

Guest SS$238.00 | S$259.42 w/GST


Timeless Radiance facial


Girl with black mask lies on the table in spa saloon
Girl with black mask lies on the table in spa saloon

Aqua Glow Facial 60-MIN

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Guest SS$88.00 | S$95.92 w/GST

Glutathione HA+ Power Dose Facial 60-MIN

Anti-aging infusion facial using ultrasound to penetrate Glutathione, Hyaluronic Acid, peptides and vitamins. Focuses on brightening and hydration.

Guest SS$160.00 | S$174.40 w/GST

Desensitize Treatment Facial 75-MIN

Cryotherapy calms dry, sensitive, irritated skin while  infusing antioxidants that strengthen skin barrier.

Guest SS$160.00 | S$174.40 w/GST

Hydrolux Renewal Facial 75-MIN

Oxygeneo advanced treatment sends oxygen deep into skin layers for vitality and nourishment. Hydrates, detoxifies, repairs and brightens.

Guest SS$188.00 | S$204.92 w/GST

Hydrolux Oxy-Lift Facial 75-MIN

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Guest SS$188.00 | S$204.92 w/GST

Corrective TREATMENT facials


Nano Fibroblast Facial 75-MIN

A gentle and a non-invasive nano-needling therapy with deep absorption of active ingredients. Paired with Nano elixir ampoule and NMN mask, it yields a radiant, improved skin tone & minimized pores.

Guest SS$228.00 | S$248.52 w/GST

Pearl Light Facial 75-MIN

New technology that reaches deep, to produce collagen that makes light bounce off from inside your skin.

Guest SS$228.00 | S$248.52 w/GST

Ace Face Shaper Treatment 75-MIN

Delivers antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid and peptides deep into skin cells where it is retained. Tones underlying facial muscles for lifted complexion and uses LED for collagen stimulation and skin brightening.

Guest SS$228.00 | S$248.52 w/GST

Purifying Black Magnelight Facial 75-MIN

Magnetic mask draws out impurities and oils. For soft, bright and even skin tone.

Guest SS$228.00 | S$248.52 w/GST

24K Pure Gold Facial 90-MIN

Uses pure gold’s powerful anti-aging benefits to lift, brighten and calm complexion. Pure gold is massaged into skin to brighten and energize skin for the dewy, radiant complexion.

Guest SS$228.00 | S$248.52 w/GST

Face Meridian Restorative Treatment 90-MIN

Bo-jin stimulates chi/energy flow for healthier skin tissues and tension release. Instant facelift and more youthful complexion. Uses premium Red Ginseng and Tang Kwei.

Guest SS$228.00 | S$248.52 w/GST

Bright Peel Treatment 15-MIN

Medical-grade chemical peel that specifically targets dark spots, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Gentle on skin.

Guest SS$228.00 | S$248.52 w/GST

Advanced TECH-Infused FACIALS


IPL Facial 90-MIN

Penetrates to the 2nd layer of your skin (dermis) to treat concerns. Reduces acne, acne scars, enlarged pores, pigmentation. Tightens saggy skin and reduces wrinkles. Rejuvnates skin for brighter more youthful complexion.

Guest SS$280.00 | S$305.20 w/GST

WishPro Face Treatment 75-MIN

This facial allows you to choose both the technology and serum that work best for your skin type. Advanced Magnetic Infusion Technology is used for infusion of customized serum capsules for ultimate customization for best results.

Guest SS$280.00 | S$305.20 w/GST

Needleless Rejuran 75-MIN

Key ingredient Rejuran c-PDRN® activates natural healing and collagen growth which are essential for healthy glowing skin. Uses a needleless method for in-depth infusion to encourage dramatic age-defying results for more radiant, youthful looking skin.

Guest SS$280.00 | S$305.20 w/GST

Indiba Proionic Gravity Defy Facial 90-MIN

Using INDIBA® to increase proionic action in skin cells. The patented 448kHz radio frequency facilitates trasnfer of ions between cells for improved cell oxygenation and metabolism. Your skin elasticity and facial contours are refined in just one session. youthful looking skin.

Guest SS$360.00 | S$392.40 w/GST

LPG Mobilift Facial 90-MIN

Using INDIBA® to increase LPG micro-pulsations activates the production of collagen and elastin (+45%) for firmness and suppleness, and Hyaluronic acid (+80%) for volume and hydration. This drains toxins, brightens the complexion and refines skin texture while soothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

Guest SS$360.00 | S$392.40 w/GST

Skin Booster 55 Treatment 90-MIN

Powerful skin rejuvenation, hydration and overall skin brightening. Uses Fillmed® NCTF 135HA solution, which contains 59 ingredients (12 vitamins, 6 minerals, 24 amino acids, 6 coenzymes, glutathione, hyaluronic acid, etc), infused with stamp needling for long lasting result.

Guest SS$360.00 | S$392.40 w/GST

Face & neck Treatments



Bright Eye Treatment 15-MIN

Eye massage and mask to relax and hydrate.

Guest SS$48.00 | S$52.32 w/GST

Firming Neck Treatment 15-MIN

Active plant based mask to hydrate and firm.

Guest SS$62.00 | S$67.58 w/GST

24K Gold Eye/Neck Treatment 15-MIN

Hydrating collagen neck treatment.

Guest S$88.00 | S$95.92 w/GST

Bojin/BianStone Eye Treatment 15-MIN

Guasha removes blockages, drains excess fluids and improves blood circulation around the eye area.

Guest S$88.00 | S$95.92 w/GST

Hydrating Collagen Eye/Neck Treatment 15-MIN

Replenishes dehydrated skin to smooth and firm up the neck area. Infused with customized machine.

Guest S$88.00 | S$95.92 w/GST