Body Massage

60-min (U.P. $128.40) | 90-min (U.P. $192.60)
from $69

A massage that helps relieves stress, reduces pain, boosts mood and promotes relaxation.

Hydrating Collagen Facial

60-min (U.P. $139.10)
from $45

For those with minor skin concerns or are new to facials. Exfoliates and nourishes the skin, promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion.

Koyamaki Onsen Spa Ritual

100~115-min (U.P. $594.92)
from $168

Experience the time-honoured Japanese bath ritual in a handcrafted Koyamaki wood tub with energized ion water.

• Massage (60-min)
• Onsen Therapy (40-min)
Weekdays Bookings only

• Massage (60-min)
• Backscrub (15-min)
• Onsen Therapy (40-min)
• Single / Couple available

Couple Jacuzzi

Couple Jacuzzi Spa Retreat

100-min (U.P. $385.20)
at $248

Full Body Massage (60-min), Muscat Rose & Green Tea Foambath Private Jacuzzi (40-min), Couple massage room included


30-min (U.P. $192.60)
from $70

Medi Stretch is an assisted stretch therapy, done by a certified therapist using the Dynamic Corrective Stretch Method. The trained therapist does the stretching for you, according to your comfort level. 

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