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Skin Brightening Facial Treatments


Glowing radiant skin requires a smooth surface for it to reflect light. Sadly, we frequently face exposure to sun damage, pollutants, poor nutrition and the demands of a hectic lifestyle, things that rob our skin of the healthy radiance, causing dryness, roughness and dullness. To regain skin’s lustre, many turn to whitening treatments and skin-brightening facials.

Fortunately, you can address these issues through skin-brightening facials, which work to harmonize your overall skin tone, diminish pigmentation, and restore confidence in a complexion that exudes radiance and flawlessness. Moreover, these skin brightening facial treatments contribute to skin smoothing – akin to a diamond shining brighter when its surface is refined, when your skin becomes smoother and more polished, it is able to reflect light better, helping it appear more radiant and glowing.

In your pursuit of achieving a glowing and healthy complexion, allow us to provide further insights into the world of skin-brightening facials and guide you on how different facial treatments can help brighten your skin tone.

skin brightening
skin brightening

What is the difference between whitening and brightening facials?

The key distinction between whitening and brightening facials lies in their specific targets and approaches:

  • Focus: Target discolored skin, including sunspots, hyperpigmentation, and marks or scars from acne.
  • Mechanism: Addresses over-pigmentation, which is the concentration of melanin in specific skin spots.
  • Outcome: Aims to restore vibrancy by balancing pigmentation and enhancing skin radiance. Balances out skin tone.
  • Effect: Gradually lightens the effected skin, reducing the appearance of scars, marks, and discoloration.
  • Focus: Targets the entire face to enhance overall complexion.
  • Mechanism: Often involves “bleaching” existing melanin in the skin tone and surpressing melanin production.
  • Outcome: Seeks to lighten the entire face for a more even complexion.
  • Effect: Aims to provide an overall brighter appearance.

In summary, brightening treatments are more specific, addressing targeted areas to bring back a brighter complexion and improve skin texture, while whitening treatments are broader in scope, aiming to lighten the entire face for an overall brighter look.

What is a skin-brightening facial?

Brightening skin treatments are often enriched with radiance-boosting ingredients like vitamin C or glutathione which effectively reduce the signs of photo-aging or sun damage, boost blood circulation, and stimulate cell renewal, resulting in your skin glowing from within. In just 90 minutes or less, these regular brightening facials address signs of dullness, stress, and skin fatigue, giving you a glow ready for any special events.

While these brightening facials work wonders for overall luminosity, it’s important to note that eliminating hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and melasma may require more intensive treatments. Nevertheless, if your aim is to achieve an overall radiant complexion, these facials are designed to leave you with positively glowing, translucent skin.

 The usual exfoliation methods are microdermabrasion (also known as diamond peel), hydrodermabrasion, professional scrubs or even a chemical peel. Removal of dulling dead skin cells allows enhanced absorption of active ingredients such as Glutathione, Vitamin C, and Niacinamide which are infused into the skin to further aid in skin brightening.

While addressing dullness, it is important  after any exfoliation to prevent any redness, irritation and damage. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acids, peptides and collagen are used to increase the skin’s moisture levels and provide deeper hydration to the overall skin.

Types of skin-brightening facials in Singapore

Glutathione HA+ Power Dose Ultrasound Facial

As an anti-ageing infusion facial, this skin-brightening facial features a potent skin brightener – Glutathione. It is a double concentration of nano hyaluronic acid to provide your skin with a   During the facial session, Glutathione is deeply penetrated into the skin using ultrasound, allowing your skin to be drenched with nutrients and active ingredients.

In addition to receiving a concentration of active and potent ingredients, your skin will feel  . With healthier skin, you are better able to achieve a radiant and dewy complexion.Healthier skin is also more effective in  . Other advantages of this treatment include:

  • Brightens and protects skin with vitamins A, C and E
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Enhances tissue repair and growth
  • Decreases melanin production and removes pigmentation
  • Improves skin elasticity to counter anti-ageing effects
  • Reduces skin blemishes

Biocell Stem Cell Science Face Treatment

Another type of skin-brightening facial is done through the use of microspears — a spicule that  to maximise the anti-ageing effect and brighten your skin as a whole. With the anti-aging Biocell Face Treatment, your skin is treated specially to improve wrinkles, elasticity, skin tone, acne and pore reduction.

At the same time, this treatment combines a high concentration of active ingredients to help enhance the growth of new skin cells at deeper skin layers. This means as your old skin naturally sheds, newer and younger skin is able to grow back more healthily and youthful. As your skin stays nourished, your skin will naturally grow healthy skin cells and collagen to give you radiant and supple-looking skin. Other benefits of this treatment include:

  • Regenerates new skin cells
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Shrinks pores
  • Purifies skin
  • Improves skin immunity

Purifying Black Magnelight Facial

To combat skin damage and pollutants, you may also opt for this Magnelight facial, a type of skin-brightening facial that is also  . By depositing a blend of peptides, vitamins and antioxidants onto your skin, this facial helps support skin rejuvenation, which is essential for brightening skin.   and redness which helps the skin in appearing more even brighter.

High-quality dead sea mud with ionised minerals is also incorporated into the procedure to create a magnetic field that purges impurities, toxins and daily residue trapped on the skin. At the same time, the magnetic currents create microcirculation through gentle stimulation to tighten the skin and create a firmer skin structure. Other benefits of this treatment include:

  • Cleanses the skin at deeper layers
  • Minimises pores
  • Balances oily skin

What are the benefits of a skin-brightening facial?

The ingredients and methods used to give that glow, are often based on improving skin texture for smoothness that reflects light. Healthier skin looks younger and is more resilient against environmental damage.

Improves the skin’s radiance and imparts a healthy, luminous glow by addressing dullness and promoting a more even skin tone.

Achieves a bright, glowing complexion by combining various brightening ingredients and techniques.

Visible improvements in a relatively short time. You usually see noticeable results after the facial, and results build up over time to give you significant transformation.

Reduces hyperpigmentation, leading to a more uniform complexion through the use of skin brightening active ingredients that help balance pigmentation.

Addresses and diminishes the appearance of dark spots, sunspots, and age spots by incorporating ingredients that inhibit melanin production.

Promotes blood circulation for a healthier appearance, often achieved through facial massage or other stimulating techniques.

Encourages the shedding of dead skin cells and promotes the renewal of skin cells through exfoliation methods included in the facial treatment. With infusion of potent active ingredients to help new skin regenerate healthier than before.

Addresses signs of stress and fatigue by promoting a revitalized appearance through the rejuvenating effects of the facial treatment.

skin brightening

Frequently Asked Questions on Skin Brightening Treatment

Getting radiant and brighter skin is no walk in the park, and neither are the results achievable overnight. To brighten complexion with facial, you should build a good skincare routine and go for regular brightening facials. While keeping up with your facial appointment every month, you should also follow up on your skincare with gentle and effective products. We recommend getting serums with known skin brighteners like. To get the extra dewy glow, you can always include  by opting for moisturising and hydrating serums.

While most professional therapists would recommend a skin-brightening facial once every 3 to 4 weeks, it is still up to you to decide how long you’d want your skin to rest before going for your next treatment, but try to keep at least 28 days in between.

As with most facial treatments, you may or may not experience side effects. Fortunately, our skin-brightening facials are gentle by nature so you need not worry. However, if you do experience effects, for example, some minor redness or irritation, do not fret as these symptoms will usually disappear within the next few days. If you continue to experience severe burning or itchiness, you should  

Why find us for skin brightening treatment in Singapore

Looking at just how tough your skin works for you, you should also do your part and take care of your skin. With skin-brightening facials, revitalise your skin and remove any dullness so that you can remain looking healthy and radiant all day!

Elements offers Singapore’s best brightening facials which are available in three stores at Elements Wellness — ION Orchard, The Centrepoint and 313@Somerset and our sister brand Spa Infinity at Suntec City. We’d love to share more about our facial treatments and you may contact us to learn more.